What is Life in the Singularity?

Life in the Singularity is dedicated to making the most of technology.

Tech is moving fast. At faster and faster rates.

The best way to control the future is by influencing it.. using the rising capabilities extended by technology.

Whether you are a business owner, executive, investor or a creator building their brand: to succeed you must leverage technology to the fullest extent possible in the pursuit of mastery.

I write about improving our lives with technology.

The twist?

My experience.

Started my career as an Investment Banker on Wall St. 15-years of Python programming experience, sold a tech company to Facebook in 2018 and now I am a Global Leader in Revenue Operations, the principal of McDonagh Family Office.

Every word you read will have a practical focus.

Design and implementation are everything.

Our Audience

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  • VCs in San Francisco

  • Investment Bankers on Wall Street

  • Technologists Everywhere

Why subscribe?

Guess what the world's biggest companies and most successful individuals have in common?

They run on intelligent platforms of connected code featuring advanced artificial intelligence and digital process automation. These are systems with AI brains and automated virtual bodies.

I'll show you how to build these magic machines here in Life in the Singularity.

We focus on crafting AI into a mastery operating system, so we can scale our skills in personal and professional life like never before.

Technology isn't just about gadgets and apps; it's about building the future we want.

What to Expect

  • We use ChatGPT, Python and other technologies to attain personal and professional mastery across multiple dimensions.

  • This space is dedicated to learning, the practical application of knowledge and maximizing the potential offered by AI, automation and related tech.

  • AI is revolutionizing industries, accelerating research, and opening unseen doors to undiscovered worlds.

  • We are harnessing AI's power to propel humanity at unprecedented speeds.

Let’s Share Some Essential Reading

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About Matt McDonagh

From walking through the halls of a Wall St Investment Bank as a Director, to a short-lived retirement, my journey has been anything but ordinary.

My next venture?

A hedge fund that failed.

But I learned about the power of python, the need for systems and I made some incredible friends.

The venture after that?

A security software company that caught Facebook's eye and well, the rest is history.

Now, I harness the power of systems, meticulously crafting them to fuel the growth of my companies and properties. Every step, every decision has been a testament to my belief - in technology, in systems, and in ceaseless innovation.

I build and enhance systems from dawn to dusk, automating growth for my companies and properties.

One thing's clear: this journey is far from over. After all, the thrill is in the climb.

This community will gather and spread knowledge so we can all climb mountains of mastery together.

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The best way to control the future is building it using the rising capabilities extended by technology.


Matt is a family office investor and technologist living in New York City. He invests in technology companies, builds AI tools including revenue system software and is obsessed with building systems.